International project “Court, citizens, society, state: cooperation for change”: moving together towards a common goal

For the third day in a row, productive work continues within the framework of the international project “Court, citizens, society, state: cooperation for change”.

Expert Esther De Roy and project coordinators: Deputy Chairman of the Appellate Court, Andriy Drishlyuk and judge of Ochakivsky City District Court of Mykolaiv region Tetyana Shevyrina, are discussing the best practices of working groups today.

Representatives of the pilot courts of the project – the judge of Malinovsky District Court of Odesa, Maxym Murzenko, joined the work. Judge of Izmail City District Court of Odessa region, Olena Balzhyk, as well as the chairman of the committee on civil and family law of Odessa region Bar Council, Vladimir Zubar and Associate Partner of the law company “Yurline” Vitaly Cherkes, who represent the interests of the bar community of Odessa region.

Participants of the working session are presenting their developments, looking for alternative solutions to controversial proposals and new solutions in the formation of key principles for the implementation of civil proceedings.

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