On November 21 and 22, 2019, in the city of Odessa, within the framework of the international project “Court, citizens, society, state: cooperation for change”, events were held dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the developed Guidelines, as well as determining the mechanisms for their implementation in the activities of pilot courts, prosecutor’s offices and the Bar of Odessa region that operate in these courts.

The events were attended by international experts, judges, attorneys, prosecutors and invited guests.

During the first day of work, participants were presented with the results of the first stage of the project. In particular, during the discussion, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the project, the development of “Guidelines for organizing effective civil proceedings” and “Guidelines for organizing effective criminal proceedings” (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines), their legal nature, experience in applying the Guidelines abroad, etc.

The work of the second day was held in the workshop mode. Participants were divided into the following groups: civil, criminal and general sectors. The first two groups received tasks that are directly focused on the use of Guidelines. In the course of solving problems, participants had the opportunity to practice applying the Guidelines in practice and discuss the main points of their use. The third group was engaged in the search for optimal and effective ways and mechanisms for implementing the developed Guidelindes.

At the end of the second day, the groups presented the results of their work and agreed on an algorithm for further actions within the project aimed at improving existing developments and their further implementation.

Events participants:

– project coordinators Deputy President of Odessa Appellate Court, Andriy Drishlyuk and the judge of Ochakivsky City District Court of Mykolaiv region Tetyana Shevyrina;

– judges of the Odessa Appellate Court Svitlana Pogorelova, Oleg Kopitsa, Taisiya Tsyura, Anatoly Zaikin, Ruslan Gromik, Mykola Dragomeretsky;

– chief of staff of Odessa Appellate Court, Victoria Kholod,

– international experts from the Netherlands: Esther De Roy, Simon Van Der Schenck, Phillip Langbrook, Lino Brosius;

– Head of the Center for Legal Monitoring “Dignity”, member of the journalistic and expert “2 May Group” Tetyana Gerasimova,

– judges of pilot courts who were selected to work on the project

– representatives of the Bar community of Odessa region

– representatives of prosecutor’s office of Odessa region.

As guests and experts, the meeting was attended by:

– people’s deputy, deputy chairman of Verkhovna Rada Committee on legal policy, chairman of the subcommittee on the implementation of decisions of the European Court of human rights and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Andriy Kostin,

– PhD in Law, Associate Professor, member of the Council of Judges of Ukraine, judge of the Cassation Economic Court of the Supreme Court,  Yegor Krasnov, Doctor of Jurisprudence, professor, Judge of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Cour,t Olena Kibenko,

– head of the territorial department of the state judicial administration service of Ukraine in Odessa region, Taras Lukash,

– head of the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Odessa region, Ruslan Saulyak,

– director of the Regional Center for providing free secondary legal aid in Odessa region, Svitlana Klishina,

– head of the Department of representation of state interests in court of the prosecutor’s office of Odessa region, Yuriy Sharnin, head of the department of support of state prosecution in the court of prosecutor’s office of Odessa region, Oksana Stratievska,

– Doctor of Jurisprudence, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Procedure of NU “OLA”, Irina Glovyuk, PhD in Law, head of the department of economic, land and labor law of Odessa State University of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Drishlyuk,

– Chairman of Odessa regional organization NGO “Committee of voters of Ukraine”, Odessa coordinator of “Opora” movement, Anatoly Boyko,

– deputy chief of the Bar of Odessa region, Elena Dzhaburia.

Reference: by the decision of the Council of Judges of Ukraine No. 71 on the territory of Odessa region in pilot courts – Malinovsky District Court of  Odessa, Izmail District Court of Odessa region, Odessa Appellate Court  introduced the implementation of the pilot project “Court, citizens, society, state: cooperation for change”, initiated by the Appellate Court of Odessa region, the purpose of which is to develop uniform unified Guidelines for organizing effective civil and criminal proceedings.

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