May 17, 2019 turned out to be a busy day in the work of the team of international project “Court, citizens, society, state: cooperation for change”.

Work on the project continues, and therefore in the first half of the day, international experts on Court Administration Simon Van Der Schenck and Esther De Roy paid a working visit to the Odessa region Bar Council.

The meeting with international experts was attended by representatives of Odessa region Bar Association Iosif Bronz, Andriy Kostin, Olexandr Kozlov, Denis Ponomarenko, Vitaly Cherkes, Olexandr Mukonin, Vadim Semenov, as well as Judge-Speaker of Odessa Appellate Court Oleg Kopitsa and the judge of Malinovsky District Court of Odessa, Olexandr Garsky.

During the working meeting, the existing developments were discussed within the framework of one of the areas of the project – “Guidelines for organizing effective criminal proceedings” (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines).

International experts noted that the nature of the developed rules is one of the key issues on which, first of all, it is necessary to focus the main attention.

Representatives of the Bar made proposals on certain provisions of the guidelines project and proposed their editorial changes and clarifications to them.

At the end of the meeting, the participants agreed on an algorithm for further actions within the project aimed at improving existing developments and their further implementation.

In the afternoon, Simon Van Der Schenck and Esther De Roy visited Odessa Appellate Court, where together with the judges of the Odessa Appellate Court Oleg Kopitsa, Svetlana Pogorelova, Taisiya Tsyura, Olexandr Tavartkiladze, Anatoly Zaikin, as well as the coordinators of the international project Andriy Drishlyuk and Tetiana Shevyrina, they discussed issues related to the further work of the team in civil and criminal areas in the second phase of the project, and also decided on the composition of the teams that will be engaged in Guidelines implementation.

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