The Odessa region Appellate Court held a regular meeting of the international project work group

November 22, 2018 a meeting of the work group of the international project “Court, citizens, society, state: cooperation for change” has been held in the premises of Odessa region Appellate Court. The meeting was attended by the Project Coordinators: Deputy President of Odessa region Appellate Court, Andriy Drishlyuk and judge of Ochakivsky City District Court of Mykolaiv region, Tetyana Shevyrina, Project expert Judge, Deputy President of Amsterdam District Court (Kingdom of the Netherlands) Esther De Roy and judge of the Odessa region Appellate Court, Julian Kravets.

During the meeting, the participants actively discussed issues related to the implementation of the project and further ways to implement them in the practical activities of pilot courts of Odessa region.

The next working meeting of the project coordinators and participants will be held as soon as tomorrow.

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